Quantex Lighting

QUANTEX LIGHTING GROUP is a professional lighting factory founded in 1984 in Europe specialized in LED lighting design, research & development, and manufacturing. With more than 500 workers. Quantex Lighting Group is a subsidiary of Quantex Global Group a Multinational manufacturer of top quality products. As one of the most professional lighting factories, we have [...]

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Quantex Smart Energy

Quantex Smart Energy Our History Since our beginnings in 2007, we have been a USA/China manufacturer and we believe that innovation, internationalization, quality, and close contact with our clients is the most effective way to offer the best products and service at the best price.We offer a world of new products in each of our [...]

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Quantex Power Energy

Quantex Power Energy Co., Ltd. (QPE). is a leading manufacturer of C&I scale stationary Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). It is an innovative energy solution provider, integrating BESS with Grid, PV system, Diesel Generator with self-developed BMS and cloud-based EMS, WeWattâ„¢, forming a series of standardized, all-in-one, EPC-free microgrid ESS. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia USA [...]

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