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Quantex Power Energy

Quantex Power Energy Co., Ltd. (QPE). is a leading manufacturer of C&I scale stationary Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

It is an innovative energy solution provider, integrating BESS with Grid, PV system, Diesel Generator with self-developed BMS and cloud-based EMS, WeWatt™, forming a series of standardized, all-in-one, EPC-free microgrid ESS. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia USA

Quantex Power Energy was established in Oct. 2013, and its first BESS was commissioned in Jan. 2016. QPE  built up its BESS factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, and Changsha, Hunan with the annual production capacity of 2 GWh, 2 R&D centers in China and USA, 7 sales offices globally.

Quantex Power Energy has been developing quickly, till end of 2022, accumulatively, the company has manufactured 620MWh BESS and battery strings. Internationally, QPE FlexCombo DC coupling microgrid ESS, from 50kW to 500kW, is a well-known trademark that more than 300 sets has been deployed in US, Canada, Brazil, Myanmar, African countries etc. only in 2021. Meanwhile, QPE is working on AC coupling solutions for larger scale of microgrid ESS compatible to different brand name of solar inverters.

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